News: Happyness break hearts at End Of The Road Festival

“When someone in the crowd says “I love you Jonny,” you’re meant to say it back,” Benji Compston chastises his fellow band mate after a cry from the crowd goes ignored.

“I feel like I could come to feel that way someday, bur right now I don’t know you well enough. Let’s talk about it?” Jonny Allan responds.

Half way through their set, the two have already shared a moment on stage. “It’s taken three years!” Jonny shouts after pecking Benji on the lips. “We’re all a bit flustered from the song, and we’re just having a good time.”

They’re not the only ones. Treated to a showcase of favourites from Happyness‘ debut album Weird Little Birthday, and numerous wise-cracks between songs, the audience is fully entertained, and the group are completely in their element.

Including favourites such as “Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy)” and “Montreal Rock Band Somewhere” before closing on “Weird Little Birthday Girl”, Happyness’ characteristic sound enthralls and endears. Loud and lavish, they have the audience’s hearts at their feet, even if they aren’t comfortable enough to accept them yet. Just give it time.



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