Introducing: April

First impressions can be a hard thing to get right, but with their debut track ‘Ten Miles High,’ April have no trouble searing themselves into your heart. Taking undeniable ’90s influences and turning them into something brand new, this five-piece from Birmingham are exactly what your week has been waiting for.

From the moment the track kicks in with its soaring guitars and stadium-sized drumbeat, there’s no looking back. Vocal hooks and resounding riffs echo with a precise power – the sound of a band who know their strengths, and know how to use them. With a chorus you could all too easily see yourself straining a muscle singing your heart out too in a sunlit field, there’s nothing here not to love.

Unfortunately, ‘Ten Miles High’ is all we’ve heard from the band so far, but after such a towering debut of a track, we’re desperate to see more. If this seemingly effortless offering is anything to go by, the band won’t be able to keep themselves quiet for much longer.

Making their start with an instant anthem like this, there’s no telling where April’s talent will take them. One thing’s for sure: ten miles high certainly isn’t the limit.


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