Introducing: LIFE

LIFE are the breath of fresh air that you didn’t know you’d been waiting for. With their boisterous charm and individual style, the four-piece from Hull will work their way under your skin in an instant. Whether want them there or not, we’re willing to bet that once you let them into your world, you won’t be left complaining.

Combining a short-and-sharp punk mentality with grungey riffs and a garage attitude, there’s nothing here that isn’t oozing with appeal. On stage, this is even more evident, as the band bound through their performances with more get-up-and-go than a student after necking few cans of Red Bull. It’s hard not to be cast completely under their spell. But the good stuff doesn’t end there.

Latest single ‘Money’ is an energetic romp of catchy lyrics and addictive refrains that will embed themselves in your mind within an instant. “You’re walking a tight line, it’s too late, there’s no time” frontman Mez Green croons, enticing you into a hook-filled chorus that you can’t stand a chance of resisting. Debut offering ‘I Wanna Forget’ is equally as appealing – it’s rawer, more punk, brought to life (see what I did there?) with a ceaseless vigour and short-but-sweet resounding guitar solos.

Once they’ve been brought to your attention, LIFE are unignorable. Their youthful exuberance proves all too intoxicating, and we’re sure it’ll see them soar far.


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