Discovery: Swerve – “Static”

Freshly emerged from a recording studio, Birmingham four-piece Swerve are cutting straight through the interference with their new track ‘Static.’

From the moment the rhythms kickstart the song into life, you’ll find it hard to shake yourself free.

Frontman Mike Ball’s vocals roar with a near-ferocious intensity, sending shivers down your spine as the words soar into a extravagant instrumental. Exuberant solos might do the group all the right favours in all the right places, but the track’s crowning glory is its frenzied drumbeat. Almost impossibly tight fills flourish and repeat, driving the track deeper into your system with every riff.

All-encompassing and enrapturing to an extreme, this is the sound of a band demanding of your attention. And as long as they keep making music this good, we’re not going to deny them a moment.

Swerve are co-headlining The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, alongside Curb on 10 April.


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