Band Of The Day: Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes

Name: Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes
From: Birmingham
For Fans Of: Bombers, Pavement, Skull TV
Online: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Famed for their frenetic live shows, Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes are a band with quite the reputation. Drawing from an eclectic range of influences, the band make music you’ll find difficult not to connect with. Describing themselves as “an anything-goes-in-the-pursuit-of-a-good-tune-beat-combination musical group,” they combine raw punk-ish vocals with a tapestry of riffs and rhythms rich enough for you to lose yourself in. Their debut EP, Pilots (below), is available as a free download here.

You can catch Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes at Chicks Dig Jerks’ Halloween Hellraiser at the Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, this Saturday October 26.


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