Band Of The Day: Bad Apes

Band: Bad Apes
Hometown: Wolverhampton
Sounds like: Bear Vs Shark, Sonic Youth, Them Wolves
Online: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

If a band’s frontman can boast claim to one of the best moustaches in the midlands, you know they’ve at least got style. Throw in rapidly pounding drumbeats, ruckus refrains, and rough and raw vocals, and you get Bad Apes. Their unique stage presence and energetic live shows has earned them a great deal of local attention, and on record they certainly don’t disappoint. Channeling influences such a Sonic Youth through a modern suburban landscape, their delectably dark melodies prove well worth your time.

Bad Apes are headlining Fixxon in Wolverhampton tonight (August 29), with support from Table Scraps, Curb, and New Alaska, and a DJ set from Swerve. Entry is 18+, and will be charged at £5.


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