Band Of The Day: The English

Band: The English
Band Members: Will Abercrombie (vocals/guitar), Jak Lancett (guitar), James Brammeld (vocals/bass), Ashley Leese (drums)
Hometown: Stoke
Sounds like: The Cure, New Order
Online: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

The English make music you can’t help but feel drawn in by. Think post-punk meets synth-pop, and you’re on the right track. Elements of classic new wave are thrown into the mix, guitar and synth melodies melding with resounding vocals to make music that’s entirely enjoyable.

In their current single, ‘South’ (below), deep and delicious vocals combine with uplifting melodies and contagious riffs to form the bands distinctive sound. And did we mention it’s a free download? What more could you ask for?

You can catch The English supporting The Assist – alongside The Karma Suits and The Ravens – at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, this Friday (July 19). Entry is priced at £5.


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