Band Of The Day: Swerve

Band: Swerve
Band Members: Mike Ball, Liam Conroy, Dan Newbery.
Hometown: Birmingham
Sounds like: Alice In Chains, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Stone Roses
Online: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Swerve: they’re a three piece straight out of Birmingham whose shoegaze-infused baggy indie sound is sure to leave you delightfully dazed. With luscious lines of guitar melody and dreamily hazy vocals, the band create music that will effortlessly make you addicted.

To date, the band have only two recordings to their name: ‘Here’ is a delectably dirty anthem with a driving rhythm you can’t ignore, whilst ‘Honeydripper’ (below) has a much more laid-back sound, meandering with no small amount of graceful ease as it works its way through your system.

You can catch Swerve opening for Table Scraps at The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham on July 16.


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