Band Of The Day: Sugar

Band: Sugar
Band members: Andrew Brooks (vocals/guitar), Sam Killing (guitar), Jack Vaughn (bass), Jack Cotterill (drums)
Hometown: Birmingham
Sounds like: Jaws, Peace
Online: Twitter | SoundCloud

They’ve been together barely half a year, and they have a grand total of zero tracks available for you to listen to, but somehow, this hasn’t hindered the band. They’ve performed with the likes of JAWS and Wolf Alice, and even managed to secure themselves a slot at this years One Beat Saturday festival. So what’s all the fuss about?

Sugar make grunge-tinted indie music packaged with a raw energy, enthusiasm, and enjoyment that’s almost too good to be true (but in this case, it isn’t). Britpop meets chart pop doesn’t sound like such a disaster after all.

Can’t wait to hear more? Sugar are opening for Superfood, alongside Dumb, at The Rainbow tonight (July 4), so make sure you get down early.


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