Band Of The Day: The Ravens

Band: The Ravens
Band Members: Stuart Davies (vocals/guitar), Adam Higgins (guitar), Gary Morton (bass), Mark Jackson (brass), Andy Jolly (drums)
Hometown: Birmingham
Sounds Like: The Polecats, Reckless Ones, Stray Cats
Online: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Fusing contagious rhythms with catchy lyrics and infectious melodies, The Ravens are a rock’n’roll band for 2013. Whilst their debut track (‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’ – below) may have been online not even two weeks, it’s garnered them no small amount of well-deserved attention.

Whilst the rock and roll revival has been known to take a few criticisms, this a band that make simple, honest-to-God, good music. Taking the classic rockabilly vibe and mixing it with a contemporary edge, they write songs that feel both fresh and comfortingly familiar. With more recordings set to follow, as well as some live shows, The Ravens are a group you should really be watching out for.

You can catch The Ravens opening for T A S T E (formerly The Artois) at The Sunflower Lounge this Friday June 14.


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