Band Of The Day: Racing

Band: Racing
Band Members: James Rea, Alex Singh
Hometown: Birmingham
Sounds Like: Gorillaz and MGMT meets The Blues Brothers
Online: Facebook | Soundcloud

When creative minds work together, it can lead to something incredible. Racing is the collaborative project of Alex Singh (Pandas and People, King Singh) and singer-songwriter James Rea. Together they create music that works its way so far into your system you’ll be left wondering how you ever got by without it.

‘Quicksand’ is their latest track – its funk-heavy bassline, melodic groves, and enticing vocals will have you hooked within moments. The songs infectious chorus serves as the perfect sing-a-long for the summer sun, whilst the tracks video (below) showcases some of the grooviest dance moves you could ever hope to see.

Tune into Scratch Radio between 5 – 8pm this evening to hear (half of) Racing chatting live on Jacky P’s Unsigned/New Music show. Head over to TALK this Thursday 30th May (details here) to catch the band playing a free entry show.


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