Band Of The Day: Mutes

Band: Mutes
Band Members: James Brown
Hometown: Birmingham
Sounds Like: Panda Bear, Wild Nothing
Online: Bandcamp | Twitter

Mutes is the alias of James Brown (no, not that one). Hailing from our own city of Birmingham, he makes music that you want to keep anything but quiet. His debut EP (entitled, would you guess it, ‘EP’) is crafted from lo-fi dreamy soundscapes, infectious rhythms, and distinctive melodies.

Recorded in a bedroom over a few days of work, and entirely self-produced, it’s safe to say that this EP has the impressive factor spot on. Enchanting, entrancing, and free to download – honestly, what’ve you got to lose? You can stream M.P.D.G from the EP below, and download the full release from here.

Mutes play a free gig at Brewdog, Birmingham on June 2.


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