Band Of The Day: TAPE

Band: TAPE
Band Members: Kristina Grigaite (guitar/bass/vox), Nadia Sbai (keys), Joe Mortimer (drums)
Hometown: Birmingham
Sounds Like: Chapterhouse, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive
Online: Facebook

Combining striking visual artwork with infectious melodies, TAPE are a band that have already captured the city’s attention. And right from the opening of their debut track, it’s clear to see why.

‘Feel The Rush’ (below) sees elements of the psychedelic infuse with eighties sounding anthemic percussion, before effect-laden vocals start to swim into scope. It’s dirty fuzzed up synth pop, the combination of the classic and the contemporary creating a whole new setting you could comfortably lose yourself in.

With the promise of more tracks on the way, TAPE are a group you don’t want to take your eyes off for a minute.


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