Introducing: Jagwar Ma

It’s May. Which, for a lot of people, means work, school, essays, exams, deadlines, and all those other things that we dislike so strongly but feel so much pressure to live up to. I don’t know about you, but all we want right now is the liberation and the glorious feeling of sun on my back that goes hand in hand with summer. And what’s summer without music to soundtrack it? Cue Jagwar Ma, a duo from Sydney whose spaced out psychedelic pop has been radiating heat since they first came to our attention in the depths of winter.

From the moment their single, “Come Save Me,” hit the airwaves on Radio 1 (and probably before then, but we weren’t in the know), Jagwar Ma have been winning the admiration and adoration of audiences all across the globe. With artists such as The XX, Foals, and Noel Gallagher already singing their praises, the duo have got a lot of accolade to live up to. From what they’ve shown the world so far, it seems that we’re safe to expect something incredible.

Think of everything that was great about 60s psychedelia, add the best parts of the madchester movement, a dash of house, and a side of contemporary indie, and you’re getting close to what these guys create. It’s warm, it’s laced with energy, and it feels exactly like what you’ve waiting to hear.

Jagwar Ma are set to release their debut album, ‘Howlin,’ on 10th June. For a taste of what they’re capable, of check out the ten minute odyssey (trust us, it’s worth every moment) that is their latest single, “Man I Need // Exercise,” below.

Keep up with the duo on FacebookTumblr, and Twitter.


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