Band Of The Day: The Making

Band: The Making
Band Members: Dan Oakey (guitar/vocals), Matt Pownall (guitar/vocals), Scott Ridgway (bass), Tom Lowe (drums/backing vocals)
Hometown: Telford
Sounds Like: Antics, Biffy Clyro, Drenge
Online: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

The Making are a band that have been, er, making (excuse the poor wordplay) music for a few years now. They’ve come a long way since their early days. What started out as a fairly typical home-brewed guitar group has grown into something a little more multi-layered. Think grunge laden riffs, punky vocals,
indie-infused melodies, and you get The Making.

The band’s latest offering, ‘Signals’ (below), sees dirty and distorted guitars combine with heavy and steady drum beats, accompanied by a hefty and hooky sing-a-long chorus. Chiming refrains meet melodic backing vocals that continue to echo long after the track ends.

You can next catch The Making at the Numa Bar in Wolverhampton, on May 10.


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