Introducing: Mik Artistik

Picture the scene: the sun shining down from a clear blue sky as you arrive at the pub, with friends, for an afternoon of live music, with the added good vibes of donating money to charity with the ‘entrance fee’. You leave the band on the makeshift stage to begin their set, and head inside to buy drinks, before making your way back outdoors to find a nice seat and – “WOKE UP THIS MORNING; CANCER. HAD A CUP OF TEA; CANCER. WENT FOR A WEE; CANCER. CANCER’S KILLING ME.

So was my introduction to Mik Artistik – and you can find the aforementioned song here if it’s peaked your interest (though, personally, I think you’re better off giving this track a try). Hailing from the city of Leeds, he’s been referred to as “one of the city’s most colourful characters” – and not just for his choice in shirts. He’s appeared as an extra on Emmerdale, had a cameo appearance in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights, sold portraits drawn on paper bags, and made his name performing with his band, Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip.

If you want to know what to expect musically, think John Shuttleworth (and if you don’t know what to expect from him, click here). Day-to-day comedic musings, set to simple melodies, accompanied by energetic performances are what makes Mik Artistik such a loveable character.

He’s a Glastonbury regular, so no doubt you can expect to find him in one of the festivals muddy green fields over the course of the event. If you want to know where else he’ll be performing, check his website for further details, and keep up to date with his musings on twitter.


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