Band Of The Day: Decades

Band: Decades
Band Members: Matt Millard (vocals/guitar), Alex Hughes (guitar), Alex Ormsby (bass), Sam Brownhill (drums)
Hometown: Birmingham
Sounds like: Echo And The Bunnymen, Gene, The Smiths
Online: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

After taking a year out to focus on honing their talents and enhancing their material, Decades are back on the music scene. And what a return they’ve made. Whether they slipped below your radar before, or you knew them in their early days, it doesn’t really matter – chances are you’ll want to pay attention now.

‘Enola’ (below) is the latest offering from the band. Distinctive vocals soar over spiraling guitars and a steady drumbeat, seducing the listener with its slow and sultry melodies. Simply put; it’s the sound of a band you’ll shudder to think you’ve gone so long without. As returns to form go, the track is practically steeped in potential, marking a fresh start for a band with a fruitful future ahead of them.

Decades will be playing at The Rainbow on May 2, check them out if you get the chance.


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