Feature: Troumaca

When Troumaca (pronounced: “TRUH-MUH-KUH“) announced that they’d signed a record deal in December, the news was met with more good will than the sound of old St Nick tumbling down the chimney. It might have taken them a while to get here, but finally the band are spreading their name and their feel-good vibes beyond the city they call home.

Hailing from Birmingham, Troumaca have often been cited as key influences in the success of the city’s current hottest exports (Peace, Swim Deep, etc…), but they’re a far reach from the typical ‘B-Town’ sound. They share their name with a Caribbean island (one of the band member’s family hail from there), and their sound is suitably exotic. The band infuse aspects of indie and dub music with reggae beats, soulful vocals, and mantra-esque lyrics. Their music seems to radiate heat, and can make the most damp and overcast day seem tropically humid. Take the following track for example – hit play, and you’ll instantly be transported to somewhere warmer and more vibrant.

“Clouds (Caresser Les Nuages)” can be found on Troumaca’s ‘Virgin Island EP,’ released last month on Giles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings to a boatload of positive acclaim. As they continue to gain momentum, packing out bigger and bigger shows, this is a band you definitely want to be keeping your eye on. No doubt you’ll find Troumaca on plenty of festival line-ups. With the sun shining (hopefully) and mud squelching underfoot (more likely), we can’t think of many better ways to spend time this summer. Here are the events the band have announced they’ll be hitting up so far;

20th March – Worldwide Festival (Leysin, Switzerland)
31st March – Hare & Hounds (Birmingham)
13th April – Het Depot (Leuven, Belgium)
3rd May – Live At Leeds (Leeds)
5th May – Land Of Kings (London)
17th May – The Great Escape (Brighton)
5th July – Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival (Birmingham)
10th August – Strawberry Fields Festival (Leicester)

For more information, and to keep up to date with the bands activities, check out the bands website; http://www.troumaca.co.uk/


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