Feature: Bella Diem

Bella Diem is a band of rising stars. Hailing from Birmingham (as so many up-and-coming musicians do these days), the dual-fronted group set themselves apart from Peace, Swim Deep, Jaws, and the rest of the ‘B-Town’ scene with their acoustic melodies and vocal-driven tracks. Forget what you’ve heard so far; Bella Diem are a class of their own.

The band formed at one of the UK’s leading music colleges, Access To Music, and graduated from there last year. Since they started playing together, they’ve toured across the United Kingdom, played various festivals, and firmly established themselves within the music scene in their hometown. This year looks set to be the year they take flight.

“Bullet” is the groups latest single; twanging guitars, steady drumbeats, and tender harmonies entwine and flow with ease. Vocals soar gracefuly, lyrics that echo long after the track ends. It’s well crafted, with enticing melodies and enough hooks to make the track feel familiar after just a couple of plays, before you know it, you’re smitten.

With a debut album in the not-too-distant future, Bella Diem are a band you really don’t want to say you missed out on. The group are next playing at Birmingham’s Hare & Hounds, alongside Leeds-based Ellen and the Escapades and New York natives The Travelling Band, on March 15th (tickets are available here). Keep up to date with their activities via their FacebookTwitter, and Website.


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