Feature: Thieves

If you still haven’t heard anything of the music scene in Birmingham over the past twelve months, you’ve managed something pretty impressive. The city is a buzz with new music and new bands being championed by all different kinds of music press. There’s a feeling in the air that here is the place to be, and now is the time to be here. Thieves are one of the bands revelling in this feeling. Since they started playing together at the beginning of the year, they’ve established themselves with a number of energetic live shows and the release of their first EP, and are already settling in to life within what’s currently one of the brightest music scenes in Britain.

“The most exciting thing for us is seeing people having a good time at our gigs,” the group explain. ”We get a proper buzz off getting a crowd going. We’ve managed to get a good set of followers at our gigs, and we’re starting to get our own chants, which is nice.” Thieves certainly seem to be in their element on stage. Live reviews have been wholly positive, complimenting the band on their charm and their vigour. Such praise has clearly treating them all well, as they’re quick to add that “the free drinks and after gig parties are exciting too.”

Thieves’ sound has been compared to the likes of Birmingham beloved The Twang, and The Jesus And Mary Chain, which are big footsteps to fill for a band still starting out, but the group remain unfazed. ”We would love to hit the dizzy heights – no matter what a band says, they would too, otherwise you wouldn’t start a band – but for now we are going to carry on having good crack gigging round Birmingham and other cities, keep recording our new material, and see where it takes us.”

‘Lacking In Guile’ is the band’s first release; a three-track EP showcasing what they’re made of. It’s short, but it’s sweet. It’s raw, a little rough around the edges, and it’s bursting with an energy you can really feel. “Sunday” is a highlight; catchy refrains, a simple, stick-in-your-head chorus, and a melody that’ll stay with you long after the three minute track is over. “All of our songs are about things that have happened to us,” the group state. “We don’t write about politics or global warming and stuff like that. It’s not all innocent though.”

“It came from us all spending too much time in pubs, wasting our money on the jukeboxes and the flat beer that they serve,” they explain. “We pretty much decided to start a band on the basis that we we’re bored of the pubs. We found out that Nath could sing well after hearing him sing “Never Gonna Give You Up” at a karaoke night – his moves with the drunken old Betty’s we’re impressive too. Luckily Liam and Jake could already shred on Guitar, and Dale has the ‘Magician’ fingers on Bass. We had a couple of changes on the drums, but now we have Georgiou, he has come in and smashed it at our recent gigs.”

As for working and playing within a music scene that’s currently at the centre of so many people’s attention, the band had this to say; “Birmingham has influenced our sounds and lyrics a lot, as we have to live here.” “Actually, one of the guitarists from Peace owes me a fag – a bit of celeb gossip,” they joke. “Birmingham is smashing it at the minute with bands like Peace, Swim Deep, and Troumaca. There’s a lot of quality unsigned bands knocking about too.”

With Peace about to take off on the prestigious NME Awards tour, Swim Deep preparing to hit the road with Two Door Cinema Club before embarking on their own tour of the country, and Troumaca recently signed to a record label, Thieves are keeping themselves in very good company. But what are their own hopes and goals? “Our band mission statement is to write good tunes, jiggle some boobies, and party until we can’t.” With a new single, “Holiday,” currently in the recording process, and numerous more live dates planned for the new year, Thieves’ party is showing no sign of stopping any time soon.

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