Feature: Palma Violets

If you’ve visited your local newsagents lately, chances are you’ll have seen Palma Violets. Last week they graced the cover of hit music magazine NME, being hailed as “the best new band in Britain.” With their release of their debut single still imminent, there’s a lot of acclaim for the four-piece to live up to. Can they manage it?

As a first record, “Best Of Friends” definitely seems to showcase the origins of something great. Raunchy guitars and raunchier vocals draw the likes of The Libertines and The Clash to mind. Whilst the parallels might be obvious, the combination of them isn’t, and instead proves to be something that has brought the band to the forefront of British music press.

As was the case with the groups they’re often compared to, Palma Violets have gained an element of notoriety surrounding their live shows. Shying away from social media, tiny gigs in tightly packed venues bursting with energy are what have built the bands reputation. On stage is where they really shine. Whether you believe the hype or not, there’s no doubt that the shows the group put on are something special.

Are they “the best new band in Britain”? Probably not. With a music scene this rich and varied, it seems impossible to pin the title to any one group. But with a start this promising, Palma Violets are a band whose name you’ll gladly be hearing for a long time coming.

Palma Violets are currently on tour across the UK. Details of the remaining dates can be found here. “Best Of Friends” will be released on 22nd October.

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